Danfoss AKVP for process control in the evaporator

Danfoss AKVP for process control in the evaporator

Next generation electronic expansion valve.

With the improved AKVP, we are moving to a higher level of technology. 
In combination with the ADAP KOOL® smart controller, it is the most energy-efficient solution.

AKVP electronic expansion valve 6 main advantages:

  1. Simplicity - The new AKVP is used for CO₂ and FHC refrigerants, which makes the selection easier by 40%.
  2. Increased capacity - Increased cross-section of CO₂ refrigerant, increases capacity by 50%.
  3. Problem detection and diagnosis - in combination with the Danfoss ADAP KOOL® controller allows us to balance the system and control it remotely. The adaptive ice melting process significantly increases the efficient operation of the system.
  4. The function of the protective solenoid valve - when the voltage is lost, it cuts off the refrigerant supply to the evaporator. The easiest solution is to protect the compressor from damage.
  5. "Soft-Pulse" technology - AKVP is controlled by "Soft-Pulse" technology, which reduces the vibration in the pipes caused by closing and opening the valve.
  6. High energy efficiency - the use of the ADAP-KOOL® control algorithm results in 25% energy savings compared to a mechanical expansion valve.



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